health & safety

Kraemer Mining & Materials is committed to working safely for the benefit of employees, customers and the community. 

To meet this commitment, Kraemer promotes and fosters a culture of safe production, where safety is never sacrificed resulting in a safe and productive workplace.

Kraemer enforces a comprehensive safety program that requires annual training for employees in expected safety behaviors and procedures which empowers them to stop production should a safety concern arise. This approach is the cornerstone of the safe production culture and helps employees to better achieve the goal of zero losses.

Kraemer employs a full-time Safety Manager and requires the commitment and support of all employees to ensure a safe environment for all. 

The quarry is operated under multiple permits including: air, water, spill prevention/fuel storage and falls under authority of the Mining Safety and Health Administration. Kraemer staff routinely monitors and submits information to various agencies in accordance with the required permits for the site.

Kraemer Mining & Materials has received numerous Certificates of Achievement from the Mine Safety and Health Administration. Recognized in 2014-2017 by Acuity Insurance Company for Outstanding Manufacturing Safety Performance award and in 2017 Kraemer was the Platinum Recipient of the Safety Excellence Award by Aon Risk Solutions.


Safety Programs in Place:

  • Site specific training for employees, vendors and customers

  • New hire orientation

  • Task training

  • 8 hour annual Mining Safety & Health Association refresher training

  • First aid/CPR/AED training

  • Crises management program

  • Incident reviews

  • Safety incentives