Corporate Responsibility

A core value of Kraemer Mining & Materials is being a responsible steward of the environment and protecting the Earth’s resources. Kraemer’s conservation and wise use of resources such as water and energy and their ongoing efforts to reduce emissions and recycle materials, are vital to the environment and the community.

Kraemer believes that effective land management is a social responsibility that requires careful management of existing resources.


Water treatment plant 

Since 2009, Kraemer Mining & Materials has teamed with the State of Minnesota and the cities of Burnsville and Savage to treat surface water. On average, 3 million gallons a day are drawn from dewatering the quarry and pumped through a 20-inch main to the Burnsville treatment facility, located a mile to the east.

This arrangement reduces the impact on aquifers and nearby calcareous fens by decreasing the need to drill new wells, meeting the growing demand for water in Burnsville and Savage. Kraemer was instrumental in planning, financing and implementing this project that is benefiting the environment and the community. Check out the article from the MN Dept of Health for further details.

Environmental Stewardship

Kraemer Mining & Materials is committed to preserving and enhancing the environment. The quarry is adjacent to the Minnesota River and is a haven for wildlife year round. An abundance of flowing water makes for an ideal habitat for ducks, geese, heron, cranes and swans. The buffer zone located around the quarry perimeter is a wooded playground for raccoons, turkeys, coyotes and white tailed deer.

Being a responsible corporate citizen is a core value at Kraemer and they ensure operation in harmony with the land, plants and wildlife that surround the quarry.



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Kraemer Mining & Materials has been accepting concrete and asphalt rubble for over 30 years and has processed close to 3 million tons of recycled materials, otherwise destined for a landfill.

Recycled material is crushed and used in a variety of recycled roadbase and other projects including highway, road, driveway and building pad base.

Kraemer’s recycled products are competitively priced and convenient to use. Contact the Kraemer Dispatch Center at 952-890-1361 with questions.

Reclamation plan


Planning for the end of the useful life of the quarry began in the 1970’s. Multiple plans exist that suggested an end use or “vision” for the property. These plans were formalized in 1994 when the company and the City of Burnsville signed a Planned Unit Development (PUD) document. The PUD was intended to formalize the approvals for the activities that Kraemer was conducting on the property and was amended in 2015. Mining and landfill operations were the primary land uses at that time. The landfill was sold to USA Waste (now Waste Management) in 1997.

Another facet of the PUD was to refine the multiple plans that existed for the end use of the property. A general vision for the redevelopment of the property was created in collaboration with the City of Burnsville. Approximately 80 acres of land on the eastern end of the property has been guided for “River Oriented Mixed Use” development. Sometime after the reserves of the quarry are exhausted the pumps will be turned off and a 350 + acre lake will be created.

There will also be an industrial component to the end use plan. Currently, a ready mixed concrete plant leases land from Kraemer and they are directly adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad. Long term, as Kraemer and other aggregate resources are depleted in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul market, aggregate will likely be delivered from outside the market, via rail. The plan envisions ready mix and asphalt producers located on or adjacent to the property. Aggregate shipped in via rail to the Kraemer site will provide the resources necessary for their business. This activity will allow Kraemer to continue to be one of the primary suppliers of high quality aggregate in the marketplace.