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Aggregate materials go through a series of crushing and sizing steps before they can become a base for roads, buildings or parking lots or landscape for your yard.
Most of Kraemer Materials' products start out as bedrock, which has been blasted loose, crushed, screened and washed. Products fall into categories by size and use.
There are five product categories:
Base Products are those that have been crushed to a specific size, but still contain the finer material from blasting and crushing. These products are used as a base layer directly under concrete or asphalt roads, parking lots and runways. They can be compacted to a high density because of the mix of coarse and fine material. When compacted, base products provide structural support that ensures good performance and long life.

  • Recycled products are another type of base product. They are made of crushed asphalt or concrete and reused as base product.
Washed Products go through an additional production step where the fine material is washed away during the screening process. These products are more coarse in appearance. Washed products are often used to produce both concrete and asphalt and are also used as landscaping material. The material that is washed away is used to create manufactured lime sand and Ag-Lime products.
Rip Rap is the largest group when classified by rock size. Individual pieces of Rip Rap may weigh from several pounds to several tons. Rip Rap is primarily used for erosion control alongside streams, storm water projects and ditches. Rip Rap is named for the general range in sizes of the individual pieces in its mix.
Manufactured Sand is produced from washing the fine material out of washed products. The sand is then further washed to remove most of the very smallest pieces. Kraemer Materials produces manufactured sand at its limestone quarry and it is classified as Lime Sand. Unlike sand from a natural sand and gravel deposit, Lime Sand has a very angular surface and is desired for specialty asphalt mixes.
Ag-Lime or agricultural liming material is a soil ammendment product used to help neutralize overly acidic soils. It is tested and rated by the state Department of Agriculture to determine its Effective Neutralizing Power (ENP). The higher the ENP, the greater the neutralizing power of the Ag Lime.